Political Watchers breaks down its sites into 4 sections. Information and response, legislation creation, media, and connection to the public. We have a group of sites that works with that, and work on many version of media including facebook and google plus.


1. Political Fix. This site is dedicated to legislation ideas. It’s no topic we don’t touch from civil rights to education policy in public schools. We want to address concerns and design common sense responses to them that can be implemented in any level of government or community.


2. Change America. This site is like a book, but with an unlimited and ever growing amount of pages. We can talk about information and give resources, but we write it through the eyes of the average American. A person that is tired of the government winning elections, but never getting work done during their term. This site takes the information, and re explains it in the opinions of people, which is what news should be about.


3. Political Story. This site is just that, a story on politics, but instead of viewing things through the public, lets view it through the eyes of politicians, workers, media and other people that revolve their lives around the power of a state. This just might change your opinion of state affairs.


4. Political Watchers Social Media Outlets.  Every page of political watchers has information, links, or connections to other projects. We will even respond to questions and responses on social media. So, feel free to post.

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