Right now, the American energy system is left unprotected from 2 deadly attacks. A emp, better known as a electro magnetic pulse, and solar flares, which NASA has talked about even more in the recent science news, could easily destroy our entire grid system. Some people use a 10 percent outage play out for a entire grid collapse. By targeting connections and transformers, the grid could easily fail, and cause damage we could not fix overnight. Many reports say it could take a year or more to make the parts necessary to repair the system. A bill during the 113th congress was shot down to address this, and then new 114th congress must take this up. We must protect our homelands infrastructure, not by re making it, but by maintaining what we have. Right now, our nations loves to spend money, so lets spend on something that will make our future better.

If you like this cause, visit this link and sign.

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