A Drugged Nation

         Drug abuse is a national issue, yet in our own nation it is allowed. Through out our time, we have seen this take away loved ones day by day, yet the United States government will not even protect you from. States have now legalized these harmful drugs for “medical” use, or fully making it legal. I am all for states rights, but some rights are too dangerous to be put into the hands of the mss public because of the danger they can do to themselves. Everything we would be fine if people used moderation, and used checks and balances to be sure moderation is enforced. Yet, that would never happen. Looking farther into the equation, it’s a lot of misinformation about how this even works. It is a list of questions this government will not respond to, nor give us resources to find the proper information. That’s why we have to search and find answer, or by our research select what is the most probable reason. I want to go through those questions, and find out how this works, as this is one of the most dangerous questions, we have to have it responded to.

Why hasn’t Colorado faced opposition from the federal government?

     A major question would be, why wont the federal government enforce their own rules, it seems a changing pace is more accepted then keeping things the same, yet for what purpose? On the first of this year, they could legally sell and produce this dangerous drug, and even more states are allowing it for medical purposes. It is a interesting concept that many haven’t thought to a reason, why this is necessary. Because people want it? People may want to kill others; does that mean we let them? More and more we move toward a mob rule, and the mob does not even realize they are just a pawn. The major reason for making these drugs more legal isn’t freedom, isn’t medical advancement, it’s to smooth the surface, and make these drugs more and more common. What use do we have for them, to get high? Seriously, is there anything we can do with these drugs beside make more people addicted to fill the pockets of the few?

Detoxifying the Masses of America

       At one point and time, people knew freedom was their choice. Yet, the masses protected themselves. Now with social media, and other resources information can be spread over the world and the views of people can be seen in only a few minutes. Now, freedom is dictated by who ever is in society, and there are different societies. Some are more social than others, and the current society who has the most attention is the liberal society, the society for change of rules, freedom from religion, freedom of marriage, and freedom for drug use. Why is it shocking people that drugs are becoming more and more accepted when the society in power approves of its use. It is not shocking to have the morals and ideals of the top power be put upon the masses, because they control the air waves because they are at the top. The tops views and morals come to the attention of the bottom that looks up to them.

Is this just another government ploy?

It’s a idea, yet something we can not ignore is that our government makes moves to cover other moves. It sounds like odd, round about thinking, but it really isn’t. If you really think medical reasons and public freedom is the reason for a change in drugs laws you are wrong. Let’s look at some facts first.

  1. The United States allows any immigrant over our border, which includes drug cartels and gangs.
  2. Since they have open border transport, the amount of drugs coming in and out has increased.
  3. By having open transport, they recruit native people with in America to act as housing and delivery members.
  4. To act as a cover the native people of the land get caught more then the actual suppliers of the drug.
  5. Since major corporations can make synthetic drugs, for the right price, new types of drugs are getting into the market.
  6. By hitting depressed areas, the lure of drug money becomes a easy cash production, yet the people get hooked on it and any money produced is used to buy more drugs.
  7. By making the arrest of certain minority groups more public, it causes a “racial profile” and causes a fight over arrest and not the fact all races are being used to cover up this bad program.
  8. Using social programs; ebt, social service checks, and such; those can be exchanged for cash to buy drugs.
  9. With enough money and transport, export to drug legalized nations such as Britain creates a import/export business. By using companies as covers drugs can be shipped in crates and other goods across the world.
  10. This would be a major scandal and a cause for arrest and possible execution. Yet, to calm the masses. You give them drugs in nice, fun ways. Using children as pawns for your reason to make drugs legal, or the lure of more freedom, just to cover your own acts.
  11. Now, people finance the once illegal drug trade with their own money. Whether by buying the drugs themselves, or buying products from companies that work as drug exporters to other nations.
  12. Even the government is involved because its no real record of what is done with seized drugs, you can only assume the captured drugs are re sold to companies, or sold privately by police and other people. Plus, allowing a open border allows for transport. At the same idea, the notion that new gates and walls will stop this is foolish. Any person knows the foundation is built underground, therefore new tunnels and access ways can be made. Most of our construction is done by Mexican people, who is to say some are not working for cartels to create new transport ways. All under the eye of our government.

         Now, everything in this paper are all my own thoughts and words. I can not put full facts and information I have in this paper to avoid copyright issues and plagiarism. Yet, you get the idea and see the thought line of how this possible plan is and will be effective and making the masses desensitized and become use to a world of drugs, only to the profit of a few, at the cost of many. No matter your political view, or your personal ideas this should be wrong. Would you want your family and friends to become addicted to something this dangerous just because they could? Would you want your child, who is suffering from a disease, to be used as a cover up for a drug run? Would you want your hard earned tax money to go directly to funding a drug trade you will never see a bit of cash from? Maybe some of my statements sound odd, but if they were to do this, legally trade this with drug accepting nations and put the money gained into the nation, and not into more drugs. Yet, for a government doing the right thing is too hard. For me, using these drugs is wrong, that is  my moral idea, yet hopefully we can all agree using your own citizens as a cover up for your bad actions is very wrong.

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