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What are your thoughts on... ?

People, events, ideas.
The world and how it works.
What happened, what is happening, what will happen.
Politics, religion, race, gender.
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To elaborate on some items on the list: People. Barack Obama, Donald Trump. Joe Biden, Mike Pence.
Events such, as the Texas church shooting, the fires in California.
Ideas such as, How to take back what we had. How to go back to doing something for yourself and for others instead of sitting back and letting the government take control of your life.
So here is an idea... It isn't a truth or a lie, it is an opinion. A half-formed opinion that I want to explore.

Education. I've been in public school. It's corrupt. I personally didn't learn much in the few years I was there. They separate you based on your age and grade. They don't make it easy to hang out with people outside your class, let alone your grade. It's wrong, and you're isolated- completely unlike reality where you have all sorts of ages and maturity levels, let alone knowledge and wisdom. Needless to say, as a student, I prefer to choose my teachers and educate myself. That, is why my opinions are half formed. (It would be highly appreciated if you lovely people could share a resource! It would a gift that keeps giving.)

So, here are some ideas I had for forming a full opinion- whether it's fact or not.

Educate yourself. Research different people with different views and perspectives. Left, right, and any other point of view.
Pick out the truth. Listen for honest truth, no matter where it comes from, no matter your own perspective. Just because you're left and he's right, doesn't mean you're right and he's wrong. Or if you're Jews listening to Mormon... If it's truth, it's truth no matter where it comes from.
If you think of anything else, let me know! I would love to hear about it. (And if we disagree, let us be respectful about it. There is no use in insults except to lower self-respect in attempt to rile up the other side.)
I'm not sure about anything else. I need someone to bounce my thoughts off of.
Besides, a friendly debate would be good to have.
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